Last Wednesday five more intrepid volunteers from Everything Everywhere left their desks behind for the day and ventured out onto Dartmoor. They joined a team of regular DPA volunteers clearing gorse and other scrub from around the Bronze Age archaeology on Leeden Hill.

The site is between Princetown and Yelverton, on the south-western side of Dartmoor, 1,200 feet above sea level. We have been working here for several seasons, gradually clearing around a series of round houses, walls, and pounds on the hillside, that had become totally smothered in gorse. All of these are Scheduled Ancient Monuments and are an important part of our past, but had become an invisible part of our present.

The Everything Everywhere volunteers were rewarded for coming out with a beautiful spring day – early mist cleared to glorious sunshine. The team helped clear a section of ancient wall and finished clearing an area of pound.

They worked  hard all day and got really stuck into the gorse.

Clearing away the cut gorse.

A bit different to the usual day in the office

The site is beginning to show up much more clearly from the road and will be able to be enjoyed by many more people.

As ever the team were sustained throughout the day by copious supplies of cake, for which thank you to Val and Sylvia and thank you for  planning and organising the day’s work to  Bob and Bill. We’d like to say a big thank you to the Everything Everywhere volunteers for all their hard work and we hope they enjoyed their day helping keep Dartmoor special.