The last DPA walk of 2018


Thirteen intrepid walkers undeterred by the weather followed part of the course of the Devonport Leat. The Leat was conceived as a business venture in 1792 to supply water to the growing town of Plymouth Dock (later renamed Devonport). It took water from the Cowsic, Blackaton brook and West Dart and originally had a length of 40 miles. It was completed in 1802. In 1906 it was taken into public ownership – after numerous complaints about the increasing charges for water and the high-handedness of the water company (Sounds familiar?) In 1951 it was terminated at Burrator with a feed to Dousland.


Raddick falls 1

Raddick falls. Photo: Sylvia Hamilton


We climbed up beside Raddick falls which were in full spate – a beautiful and dramatic sight.


Raddick falls 2

Raddick falls. Photo: Sylvia Hamilton


The above photograph shows the view from alongside the falls, looking down onto the Iron Bridge Aqueduct that carries the leat water over the River Meavy.


Crazy Well Pool

Crazy Well Pool. Raddick falls. Photo: Sylvia Hamilton


We stopped at Crazy Well (or Classenwell, or Classiwell ) Pool, the subject of many myths including that it is bottomless and that the water rises and falls with the tides. Another story is that the bell ropes from Walkhampton Church were used to measure it and found it to be bottomless – or 80 feet – according to which version is used. Unfortunately these tales were disproved when in 1844 due to a major drought, water was pumped from the pool until it was almost empty.

A little short of Older Bridge, with the rain setting in, we dropped down to the track and made our way back via Lether Tor Bridge.

Plenty more walks in 2019, open to everyone. You too could get wet …..