If you had been out on the slopes of Sharpitor last Saturday you would have seen 23 officer cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College giving Dartmoor a helping hand. As part of their training programme they spend one day doing community work. Artful Division spent their day with us on the slopes of Leeden Hill clearing gorse from around the Bronze Age archaeological sites.

Attacking the gorse

As ever the cadets came well prepared and worked hard all day. Their cheerful attitude and work ethic was impressive. For some of them it was their first experience of Dartmoor, which will come in handy as they will all see more of it later in their training.

Derek explains the finer points of gorse clearance to some of the cadets

The weather was mostly kind to us, but the hot chocolate and homemade cake breaks proved very popular!

A misty afternoon hot chocolate and cake break

A huge thank you to the Division and we wish you all the best with the rest of your training.

Artful Division and DPA volunteers